How does the Ascent brace work?

The Ascent brace uses IDS technology. IDS stands for Inertia Dampening System. At its core, the Ascent brace is designed to dampen or slow your head movement throughout the entire length of an impact. Slowing your head movement rather than just outright stopping it helps the brace spread the force of an impact for reducing concussions. The way we do this is by building a shock absorber into the headrest of the device. Using speed sensitive valving, the shock absorber reacts to the intensity of an impact and slows head movement accordingly. 


Why concussion prevention?

Meru Safety is a company made up of racers that are trying to solve the problems that we know are out there. For years the traditional head and neck restraints have saved many lives from neck injuries, but after having our own fair share of concussions, we knew there were still improvements to be made. Concussions can have serious long term health effects some of which we may not even know. It’s because of this huge problem that we set out to create a head and neck restraint that helps to address this issue without sacrificing  the neck safety we’ve grown to rely on. 


What size brace should I wear?

If you measure more than 16’’ around the base of the neck we recommend the L/XL, all others should fit comfortably in the S/M size. Ultimately though The brace size you should wear depends mostly on comfort. We’ve had bigger 6’ 4’’ racers who prefer their safety equipment to be snug who will wear a S/M size and smaller 5’ 2” racers who like the way the L/XL feels better. Below you can find our sizing guide that should help you make your decision.


What type of racing can I use my brace for?

The Ascent Brace can be used in any type of racing where you have a 5 or 6 point harness system. The ability to move the back headrest allows for the brace to be comfortable in any degree and in any seating position. The brace has been fitted in everything from laying flat in an indie car to upright in a sprint car! 


Is there any way I can get the brace for cheaper?

Yes there is! The Ascent brace is a premium brace at a premium price point, but we don’t want that to keep us from getting the best safety equipment into the hands of the racers who need it. If you are a racer looking to get a brace,  you should fill out our racer support application to be considered for a sponsored discount Sponsorship Application


We also offer financing options for the brace through our website partner Affirm. Affirm lets you stretch your payments over time letting you pay monthly installments on the Brace instead of just all up front. For example, with Affirm a purchase of the brace at $1250 could be brought down to as low as 18 monthly payments of $78 at 15% APR.


"Rates from 0% APR or 10-36% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license."


Will the shock mount on the brace be uncomfortable in my car?

We get a lot of questions about whether or not the shock absorber in the headrest will cause some discomfort for drivers in their cars because of the way it sticks out from the back. While it may be hard to predict your personal comfort preference, what we can say is that because of the way our braces are designed to have the headrest sit a little farther forward, we are only adding about a half of an inch to the back of what a traditional FHR device would be. We’ve gone to great lengths to fit these for comfort for all types of racing, and we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t also wear in our own cars! 


How will this brace affect my visibility in the car?

The Meru Safety has a shorter tether than other head and Neck restraints in order to account for the movement of the headrest. Fear not, you won’t lose any visibility wearing an Ascent device! The device is designed with a sliding tether system to center your head on impact and to allow for left to right visibility in your car. Speed sensitive valving in the headrest means the harder the brace is hit, the stiffer it gets, but that also means it's flexible enough to move back and forth when seated to allow the driver vertical visibility. 


How does the brace mount to the helmet?

The brace mounts to the helmet using Meru’s new magnetic lock mounting system. Tethers will extend from the brace and lock into special mounting points designed specifically for this brace. All the tethers and mounting points needed to run the brace come full in any order of the Ascent?


Is the brace SFI and FIA certified?

All braces will come SFI 38.1 certified. Meru is currently working with the FIA to get the brace FIA certified so you can run a force reducing brace no matter where you race! We plan to be FIA certified in late 2023 and will offer no charge recertification for anyone who has already purchased a brace. 


Can I return the brace if I decide It doesn’t work for me?

We know with every new product, there’s always a chance that you may not match your preferences perfectly. If you decide within 30 days of receiving your brace that it isn’t going to meet your needs, you can send the brace back for a full refund. As long as the brace and all its pieces are undamaged we will accept the brace for returns. 


How long until I need to get my brace recertified?

SFI requires braces be recertified every 5 years in order to be compliant with regulations. Meru Safety recommends that you send your brace in to be recertified by us every 2 years or for every major crash. We recommend this because with a more complex device, we want to make sure that everything looks good and that we can update your brace with the most recent hardware. Good news is, we plan on offering a no charge recertification program, just pay for shipping and we will make sure your brace is in top shape.