Our Team

AJ Burns

Operating Partner

AJ is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Corporate Innovation as well as the designer who lead the development of the Ascent brace. He has 15 years of experience in motorsports and has a great understanding of what the consumer is needing and the market is lacking. With the guidance of team officials, AJ will be running day to day operations of the company as the Meru enters the market.

Scotty Burns


Scotty lead the development of the shock absorber used in the Meru Ascent and is this mastermind behind our game changing IDS technology. Scotty has 20 years of experience in Motorcycle suspension development as well as over 40 years in manufacturing and engineering. Scotty’s passion for continuous evolution and innovation will help keep our company climbing to a safer world.

Eddie Cole

Startup Advisor

Eddie has over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business development, financing, overseas manufacturing, and start-ups in the fields of motorsports and mountain biking. He was the founder and President of Answer Products, Protaper, Manitou, SIXSIXONE, Sunline and Filtron and currently leads Group 6 USA with Atlas Brace, Matrix concepts, Tag metals, Seven, Royal, and Next Components. Eddie was named as one of the 10 Men who forever changed motorcycle racing and his experience starting and growing companies within motorsports will help propel us forward.

Jon Jiles

Legal Advisor/Investor

Jon serves as Chairman and Principal at Valir Health, LLC. He serves as operating manager of numerous successful real estate and investment companies. Jiles has 17 years of experience as a corporate attorney and entrepreneur with extensive experience in business development, financing and start-ups in the fields of banking, healthcare and entertainment. He has overseen the creation and development of over 30 successful companies. Mr. Jiles serves as a Director of Angel Investor and Arctic Island, LLC. He is Chairman of the governing body of a joint hospital venture between Valir and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center