Meru’s revolutionary Inertia Dampening System(IDS) has single handedly changed how Frontal Head Restraint(FHR)manufacturers will design their restraints moving forward and will push safety organizations to rewrite current safety standards. The old thought process of leaving concussion prevention to helmets has been upended. Meru has pushed FHR manufacturers to take concussions seriously.

Meru’s proprietary Inertia Dampening System is simply superior in both concussion and neck safety . Currently, and for the foreseeable future, Meru’s patented IDS will create a massive perforamnce advatage to our competition.

  • IDS controls the head's entire movement forward in an impact
  • IDS slows down the stop in an impact
  • IDS reduces both linear and angular acceleration
  • IDS has speed sensitive valving to ensure both driver comfort and safety
  • IDS reduces both concussion causing forces and upper neck tension
  • IDS can withstand thousands of impacts
  • In a 70G impact IDS reduced the force through the head from over 300lbs our nearest competition, to 53lbs lbs with our, a 83% reduction in force.